Five Things You Need to Know About Traveling Alone

Some people do not take an active vacation because they do not want to travel alone. A lot of active vacationers travel by themselves, so you will be in good company. The people in your group share your sense of adventure and exploration. They are as interested in meeting you as you are interested in meeting them. Depending on the trip, groups can be anywhere from a maximum of eight to a maximum of fourteen. The number will vary depending on experience as to the optimum size of the group for that trip.

Great Value

Through careful research we have put together walking vacations that offer exceptional scenery, guides, food, and accommodations at a reasonable price. We take care of all the details so you can just enjoy your trip. You will enjoy the companionship of the other walkers-kindred spirits from North America and many other countries around the world. You will walk each day from 5-14 miles depending on which vacation you choose; gentle exercise or a more challenging hiking trip, gives you a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of your walk.

A Fun Evening

Our clients stay in a variety of accommodations including bed-and-breakfasts, manor houses, hotels and chateaux. The type of accommodation will depend on which vacation you choose. Each trip on our site is unique, and a reflection of the local culture of the area in which you walk.

But sampling the culture of an area involves more than meeting the people and seeing the sights. You will have ample opportunity to savor the wine and culinary delights, talk over your day with friends and companions and then settle into a warm comfortable bed. After a day of walking ancient footpaths used by Roman soldiers or roads used by shepherds for centuries, you will have earned the right to a refreshing drink, a good meal, great conversation and a good night’s sleep.


Our guides are selected because of their knowledge of the area over which you will be hiking, their ability to explain what they know and their friendly and out-going personalities. All speak English and many speak several languages.

You will come to respect and consider your guide a friend. Our guides regularly get “fan mail” from past walkers. They are lovely people who understand that this is your time to get out and walk and to enjoy your vacation. They will explain the ecology of the area, its history, art, architecture, customs, folklore and its natural history. They are enthusiastic about helping you to learn and to enjoy yourself, to get the most out of your vacation and most of all, to have fun. Most walks cover between five and ten miles per ay with a variety of ascents and descents.

Distance and Terrain

Most walks cover between five and ten miles per day with a variety of ascents and descents. Some walks are longer with more challenging conditions. In short, we offer a variety of walks from which to choose.

We have done our best to describe the terrain over which you will be walking in each section. However, conditions can quickly change due to weather and a variety of factors. We urge you to consult with your medical provider to determine which walk is within your level of fitness. All guides are lead by an experienced guide and therefore you don’t need to take your own GPS with you, but if you don’t want to get lost, a decent Garmin GPS is worth having.


You will stay in authentic and charming inns and Bed and Breakfasts where your hosts will make sure you are comfortable and most welcome. In some cases, you will spend a night or two in a hotel. In all cases, we have arranged for accommodations with private bathrooms. Trips which go to more remote locations may only have shared bathrooms for one or two nights but the atmosphere of the place more than compensates for the minor inconvenience.

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